Planet Alpha Review

Are you ready to crash land in space? We sure are!

So I’m the guy here at that usually reviews space-related games and products and man I was happy when I started playing PLANET ALPHA today. You basically start the game by crash landing in an unfamiliar planet and that’s where you start learning the game mechanics which basically consist of moving, jumping, dragging objects, sliding and yeah – hiding, a lot of hiding! the game controls are great and only once when I had to drag an object across an enemy alien (more about that on the next paragraph) I felt like I needed 3D movement, ah I forgot to mention that the game is a 2D platformer in a 3D world so your enemies can move on to the depth of the environment while you can’t, which is a challenge you’ll have to cope with when meeting the game’s unique enemies.

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DMC 5 Demo at Gamescom 2018 Dante and Nero are back!

Kept You Waiting, Huh?  wait wrong game lol, but never the less it depicts the anticipation and the rush and the explosion of emotions that run through your body and mind when you found out that your favorite hack and slash, from the days you first met and got to know the characters on PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. and I’m not talking about the black sheep which was a reboot of the series DMC.

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Is PlayStation 4 the winner of this generation of consoles?

Its been over 5 years since the new consoles came out and with it, a new console war begins, but was it decided before the consoles themselves came out? it seems like it most of the serious backlash that Xbox had with their reveal before E3 May 2013 to compete with PS4 reveal and so what Microsoft did and showed at the reveal was what seemed to doom their console and let PlayStation win.
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