Final Fantasy VII Remake Impressions


Final Fantasy VII Remake is a reimagining of Final Fantasy VII until a certain point. While the remake takes a lot of elements from the original game you eventually will experience better storytelling, world, and character development that until that point that wasn’t present 23 years ago as deep as it’s now. So polish your Buster Sword, ready your Materia, and dive into one of the most anticipated games of the last decade.

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Nintendo Switch V2

So the Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017. Anyone wondering whether to buy a switch or not, just do it. If you want to game everywhere, this is for you. It’s super satisfying when you are playing a game while docked and connected to your tv\monitor, and then you just undock to continue in the kitchen, laying in bed, etc. Or the exact opposite, when you are playing on the go, and when you get home, dock it, and you are immediately back to your game right where you left off. there is a smooth transition when docking and undocking.

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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition – (PS4) Review

In a world of heroes and assassins, our hero/assassin Travis Touchdown finds himself sucked into the world of video games with Badman, a guy who came to kill Travis for revenge of his daughter. Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Grasshopper Manufacture and Marvelous Inc. This game really makes you wanna keep on going with its funky music and hilarious conversations.

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