Nintendo Switch V2

So the Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017. Anyone wondering whether to buy a switch or not, just do it. If you want to game everywhere, this is for you. It’s super satisfying when you are playing a game while docked and connected to your tv\monitor, and then you just undock to continue in the kitchen, laying in bed, etc. Or the exact opposite, when you are playing on the go, and when you get home, dock it, and you are immediately back to your game right where you left off. there is a smooth transition when docking and undocking.

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Asus Gaming at gamescom 2018

Like every year at every gaming or a computer convention, there is a showcase of new and interesting tech shows which introduce new hardware and software.
With that, also new gear which comprised of :

New headset for pc or consoles or smartphones, mice and keyboard and of course gaming devices and gaming hardware.

This year on Gamescom we are planning to see and get a closer look at the booth and watch the tech showcase that Asus is bringing to Gamescom.
Hope to see new headsets and hardware like motherboards with the brand of Strix, and maybe new monster gaming laptops of ROG(Republic of gamers).

I hope to have a closer look at the new exciting stuff that Asus might introduce in the showcase, but nevertheless, we know that Asus will deliver on great and powerful products that show the quality of the company. Asus took their time developing and producing, they ensure a great experience with great products.



The line up of gaming products



Gamescom 2018

Hey guys, just updating that we will be giving you coverage from Gamescom 2018, so make sure you visit the site during 21-25 of August, we have a lot planned for you.