Marvels IRON MAN VR FOR PS4 at Gamescom 2019

At Gamescom 2019 the idea of VR gaming was still growing and expanding, and now with the brand and mark of marvel’s Iron Man, it has big potential at the VR gaming market, and a lack for a better word, it’s perfect and fits just spot on with the system and feelings. the PlayStation VR system really came a long way since 2016 and it shows that it had a lot of potentials and has a place in the world of gaming hardware and experience it could give you gamers.

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Destroy All Humans at Gamescom 2019

So we went and tried the new game that THQ NORDIC is developing a remake of the 2005 alien invasion game. The original game was a sci-fi action game set in 1959 and developed by Pandemic Studios. Players took control of an alien called Cryptosporidium 137 — or Crypto— as he attempts to take over Earth in order to harvest human DNA and clone more of his alien race.

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A Blast From The Past – 3D Realms in Gamescom

When I heard of the two new games from 3D Realms – “Ion Fury” & “Wrath”, I got excited. A chance to play two games that were built with the same engine as “Duke Nukem 3D”, its a dream coming true.

As a fan of the “Duke Nukem” series, I knew I had to go meet the team behind those two games, and what fun we had there…

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