EA Press conference, E3 2018


We all saw it, and we all waited for Anthem, what can I say… I’m still waiting.
Don’t get me wrong the game looks great, it’s just too familiar, too many numbers on the screen during action scenes I don’t know, just need to see more to decide.

But wait, there’s more – C&C is back?

Yeah, the all-glorious C&C we haven’t heard from for so long is back, and it’s now a mobile game! when the original games were released we didn’t even have mobile games so I’m not sure EA made a wise choice labeling this game as a C&C game, everyone’s so old right now that if they do have time playing something it’s on the couch and on a console.

I’m not saying we are not going to try the game, it’s currently number one on my mobile game reviews list, but I just hate this had to be a C&C reference, maybe it’s just me.

Some surprises though on the conference with unraveling two being released on stage, certainly liked that and we’ll get a review up here asap I hope.

Any thoughts about the show? let us know in the comments below.

Here’s the conference:

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