Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition Review

I remember when being 10 years old when I first played Micro Machines and since then to this day I am still playing and racing Table Top with RC Cars and that’s why I got excited when I heard Table Top Racing: World Tour is finally coming to the switch after it was released 3 years ago on Steam, Xbox One and PS4, but what is new in the Switch version of the game? lets find out.

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Boundless – Review

It’s time to build the universe.

Boundless is a Sandbox / Massive Multiplayer Online World Building Simulation game with RPG elements in space. When I heard about it being developed my first thought was “Oh my, someone’s actually creating my dream game!” (Having dozens of hours on world creating games like Minecraft and space games like No Man’s Sky). I was very excited when Boundless got released, but did it meet my expectations?

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