Dying Light 2 – Choose Your Path’s

Techland has just released a new gameplay demo which shows us a totally new perspective on our new hero Aiden Caldwell. In the new game, you will have to choose your paths in order to change the game course.
Each choice you make will have an influence on your game, sometimes a tiny one and sometimes a massive one.
In Dying Light 2 you will be the one who is responsible for your own destiny.

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We Played WW3 on Gamescom and It was GREAT!

One of the games that I was really waiting for, was World War 3, the new fps game from The Farm 51, the polish indie company which we interviewed.
First I would like to say that they are amazing, an indie company that creates a game in that scale is what the world needs. After the interview we went to hall 10.1 and played for the first time the new headline FPS, World War 3 and here is what we thought about it :

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