Deep Sky Derelicts – Review

Gun battles in deserted spaceships? count me in!

Deep Sky Derelicts is a turn-based RPG game in space with a lot of strategy elements at it’s core and we really, REALLY liked it!

You’re in space, start by choosing a team of 3 members with their own specs, class and of course appearance and maybe a funny random name. Now you are ready to get an introduction to the game’s main story line – “Finding the Mother-ship” which is a mission you’ll get from your boss, the sub-governor.

Your base includes everything you will need to get ready for your travels in space, the game has it’s own currency system which will basically be spent mostly on healing your team members after battles, researching new tech and buying / selling gear of course. Deep Sky Derelicts is not too generous with credits so you will probably have to sell off as much as you can from the gear you don’t need. You can also sign up for mercenary contracts which will provide you with more credits during your expeditions.

The first derelict you will visit will introduce you to your PDA  which will be used to get you moving through the different rooms on the derelict, some rooms will have enemies, some will have quest encounters and you’ll even find rooms with different effects on your battles and maybe even loot laying around them.

The first battle will introduce you to the card system, basically the gear you have equipped will supply you with cards that can be used during battles, these cards can order your units to attack, heal or add an affect to your active soldier, his or her teammates and even your enemy. I loved the card system and how it’s set up as everything is randomized you can win or loose battles based on luck but also gear setup and decision making, some gear can assist you more against a specific type of enemy and maybe be irrelevant against another.

If you love gear upgrades and gear customization you’ll love Deep Sky Derelicts – There is a ton of gear options your fighters can use and carry and by adding mods to your gear you will gain even more abilities. Each gear item also has a level rating which will help you differentiate between new and better gear vs old gear which you should sell for credits back during your base visits.

Deep Sky Derelicts has roguelike game-play and that means that if you die, the game is over. There is a save system in place though so if you did manage to get an updated save, you could load to that point, if you do not load a save game the game will start over bringing you back to the character selection screen restarting the story from scratch.

After investing hours in Deep Sky Derelicts I can say that I loved every moment playing it, I did die and had to restart the game which did piss me off as I got emotionally attached to my units, but playing the game with a new and much better team and understanding of the game proved to be even more fun, so in the end having the roguelike system here proved to be useful.

Overall Deep Sky Derelicts is a great turn based / RPG game that I especially recommend for those of us who need a good strategy experience.

Game Score: DEAL.
If you like strategy games, you must give Deep Sky Derelicts a try.

Deep Sky Derelicts is available on Steam for 19.99$ US.

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