The Tiny Bang Story – Review

Puzzle games are making a huge comeback these days, maybe due to the convenience of playing from almost anywhere.
“The tiny bang story” will take you through a little puzzle adventure, with animations and creative thinking that will surely challenge even the puzzle experts among you.

The game is taking place on a little planet called “Tiny”.
“Tiny” planet has been hit by a meteor (Oh No!), now “Tiny” plant is in a huge mess.
Now it is up to you to restore it through collecting all the puzzle pieces that are spread around.

Although it sounds simple on paper, you will soon discover it is far from it.
The game will take you through different areas of Tiny planet, on each level you will restore a different area of “Tiny” planet, by collecting puzzle pieces and solving puzzles that will restore a vehicle to drive you to your next area in the game.

One of the first things you will notice about this game is the unbelievable graphics.
Like you have been thrown into some kind of cartoon dimension just waiting to be discovered.
In each chapter, you will build a new kind of Vehicle, from train to ship and even helicopter, you will unlock a little dwarfs houses filled with fun and interesting objects to explore.
Most of the time you will have absolutely no idea which of them is useful for you.
All of that, of course, is accompanied by relaxing music themes changing on each level.

The puzzles in the game are fairly hard, you might feel at first that the game is not challenging enough, and revolve more about the observation of different objects, but from the second level and above you will experience more and more puzzles that are hardcore thinking as well as some in-game mini-games.

I can’t honestly say that I felt like the game is bringing anything new in terms of puzzles to the genre itself, but never the less, discover and see all the interesting rooms all the levels have to offer, I can say this is the kind of game that will draw you into wanting to keep and playing it.

In Conclusion, I would say that the fact that I finished it so quickly and only because I couldn’t put it down from my hands, is enough reason for me to mark this game as a-


The tiny bang story is available on Nintendo Switch, Win, Linux, and Mac, and for Mobile IOS and Android.

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