Old School Musical – Review

Big Mama, we are up for the beat!
I would like to introduce to you one of the funniest and more enjoyable music rhythm game I came across.

I will be honest with you here, in my fair share of gaming experience, rhythm music games were never my thing.
Not even “Guitar Hero” that was so very popular in my time.
So, this game takes me to a hell of a fun experience, came a bit as a surprise.

But what exactly is It about?
The game is a musical game, designed in a very retro looking way (I will expand on the subject in a moment).
In the story mode, you play as two brothers who specialize in martial arts taught to them by their “Big Mama” (believe me, she’s as frightening as she sounds).
The game world has taken a turn for the worse when a glitch is threatening to ruin everything. Now it is up for our two brothers to find their Big Mama and avoid being destroyed by the glitch while traveling through a variety of different Dimensions.

The developers of the game create something truly rare in my opinion with the graphics and the storyline in this game.
Every dimension, or map if you prefer, that you come across is designed in the theme of a popular video game, and it does not end only on this.
The game is full of nostalgic references (you might find some old school loveable tv characters), and a lot of meme humor.

You will find yourself fighting (using the rhythm musical controls) with so many colourful characters, including chickens as the “final boss” in the game.
The controls are also a great point to remark, I found them to be intuitive and responsive, that without lessening the challenge.

Each successful level will grant you some new music piece and unlock chapters, while failure will grant you a hairy dancing man laughing at you.
And if you just feel like enjoying the rhythm and pass the time, you have many different jukebox themes to choose from and even a multiplayer mode.

If I might summarize it up for you, I think this game is a rare gem in the rhythm games genre and a huge laugh.
So, if you’re looking for a game that is all about laugh and music, this game truly gives something new to the music rhythm genre.


Old School Musical is available on Nintendo Switch and PC

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5 years ago

Damn, looks like a great game!