POLYGOD – Review

Welcome to the trial of the gods- In the game, you are a lonely soul taking the challenge of the gods, to collect souls and go through different levels of labyrinths In this classic like FPS.

Do any of you remember your least favorite class in school?
Even if you weren’t the best of painters- you still had those little
sketches all over your notebook filled with stories and wonders about a random far away land.
My first impression of the game was seeing all those little sketches ganging up to destroy me. Probably for all those boring math lessons I took them through.

The trial of the gods- is what they actually refer to as the game.
In the game, you are a lonely soul taking through the challenge of the gods to collect the souls and go through different skill levels of labyrinths.
Each “seed” in the game is a different kind of labyrinth with different strategy and order of souls, you should collect.

Why would you want to collect those souls, you may ask?
Because you can exchange them for blessings from the Gods, who are Spread through the entire labyrinths.

It might sound easy at first- The classic FPS with a hint of strategy we all learn to enjoy killing time with.
But you might find this game extremely challenging.
Once you enter the labyrinth you need to stay focused through the entire map;
The “Garden of Gaia” is basically the entrance to the labyrinth in each new seed, once you’re there- You’ll start your soul collecting journey.
The souls might try to gang up on you at times, and might just stay still until you approach them- not knowing what just hit you.
Gaia is The god of the realm. She can give you blessings in exchange for souls.
Sometime you’ll find that you have to get a specific power or blessing if you will, from the god- which will be essential in your next level map.
So you need to be calculated about which blessings to acquire.

The game also has a multiplayer mode, in which the players can go against each other on different kind of seeds.
Seeds refer to the different maps or realms in the game. each one is different, in souls and strategy.
If you left the game without saving your seed, you will start on a completely different one.
You can save your favorite seed in the game to be able to go back to it, but if you lost- no matter which level you were on-
you are back to square one. meaning the beginning of the seed, in the entrance to the “Garden of Gaia”
But don’t worry, if you will die, you are getting a cool random quote to set you back on the mood.

Do you think it’s tough now?
The Health system in the game is also worth mentioning. You are starting with 10 points of life. We FPS players kind of got used to collect our health care from storage houses or just random spaces on the map. But in this game you can only gain your health care from the same souls you are trying to kill (and remember guys- trying to kill you!)Each soul will be worth 1 point of life care.
That means that if the soul hit you 2 times or more- even if you collect her in the end- you are still losing health. Also, a little tip- if you shot the healthcare accidentally, it is gone for good. So you can’t just shoot aimlessly without thinking. You can, however, gain more than the starting 10 points if you manage to kill your souls without getting hit yourself.

Each seed is different and you’ll find that it is almost impossible to go through even one stage without getting to know the map you are playing completely.
The souls might look like dumb bots at times- but they change strategy every new time you face them.
They can hide, or attack you directly, and you need to be ready.

In terms of graphic, this game is your classic Indie game.
The character selection is pretty basic, and the graphics throw you to this kind of dreamlike dimension.
Not even trying to look “real”.
I personally thought it was one of the little magic of the game. All about the pure gaming.

The last topic I want to give a little special attention to is the soundtrack of the game-
If we talked about ‘dream like’ mood, the music does it perfectly.
Starting slow and relaxing while you enter the seed (and probably the only place you’ll find you can be relaxed in)…
and then getting this fun and hyper bit when you enter the “Garden of Gaia”.
The music succeeds in getting you in the right mood.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, If you looking for a more realistic play or maybe a just high-quality graphic or character design-
this might not be your personal cup of tea.

BUT if you are looking for pure hardcore FPS challenge,
and are not afraid of learning your maps through the through or being under some pressure- this could be your thing.
I would say this game was literally built for the fast arcade FPS thrillseekers, the ones looking only to focus on the gameplay and the mood they are getting into while killing…
You know who you are.


Polygod is available on PC (Win/Mac), Xbox One, Nintendo.

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