Claws Of Furry – Review

I love a good Beat ’em up. Those games that let you sink in your chair and just pound your way through hordes of enemies with no end. That’s why I decided to review “Claws Of Furry”. The trailer looked cool, the gameplay looks clean and simple and the art style looked alright so I thought I’m in for a treat… or so I thought.

Claws Of Furry is basically Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles without the cool characters, the hilarious humor or the catchy theme song and that’s the first thing that caught my eye. The game features a cat sensei who gets kidnapped before he can complete his 4 kittens training and so you pick a kitten, a ninja kitten and go to save your master. I wouldn’t mind the premise if the developers had taken the time to give it something new, something that will give me the WOW factor but instead the game doesn’t make an effort to raise it’s head even a little but that was only the beginning.

The game consists of 50 levels with a few bosses spread between them. Your arsenal of attacks consists of the main attack, an uppercut, jump and throwing bananas. The levels themselves are short and take about a minute to complete regardless of your skill level and at the end of every few levels, you’ll encounter a boss. Besides the overly short levels there are a few more problems that not everybody will notice on the first go: if you die on the boss level the game sends you back to the level before the boss which can get very frustrating not to mention the incredible gap in difficulty between the bosses and the levels themselves. Another thing that kills the enjoyment is that the game enables local co-op up to 4 players but when I tested this with a friend and each picked a kitty when we got to the level itself the 2nd player is not to be seen (besides P2 sign where the player’s character should be) and every effort to make it visible or active ended up in failure which prevented me from completing the level since I was dependent on the movement of the second player. This may be fixed in a future update.  The game also features 2 more modes: a Rogue mode which is simply the pussycat mode (story mode) just a lot harder to all those masochist players among you and an ARENA mode which is like survival mode seen in every other game.

The game does make an effort to get the player into the mood with classic “ninja music” but it gets old really fast and due to the bosses difficulty it’s hard to focus both on the game play and on the music.

Claws Of Furry is a game with a lot of missed potential that could be so much more than just a run of the mill Beat ’em up that you can see everywhere. I hope that future updates will fix its current issues so I would recommend to hold on till then.

Claws Of Fury is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC through Steam

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