Dimension Drive Review

2D CO-OP Space Shooters are back with Dimension Drive!

It’s been a while since we have seen a 2D space shooter that you can couch play CO-OP with your friend so we were very excited when we heard that Dimension Drive is coming out for PS4, XOne and Switch which will provide us with some great CO-OP action that we used to have so much of during the 90’s, join us today as we try out Dimension Drive on PS4.

The Game

It’s the future, and many species have been using FTL (faster than light) to travel to other galaxies, but now – multi dimensional travel is also an option and an evil villain is moving between dimensions and destroying everything in it’s path, and he has a reason which you’ll get know once you play the game – so there’s a story here and you get it by the form of narrated slideshows with animated characters.

You’re playing this cute female hero who has a ship that can traverse through two dimensions, an ability you will use many times during the game to beat enemies and stay away from objects that can damage your ship (basically a collision with any wall or static object in the game destroys you while enemy ships only lower your shields). You are playing in both dimensions at the same time, while in only one you can be damaged, you are also not sharing your energy between the dimensions – on each one your weapon energy refills itself separately while you’re playing on the other.

traveling between dimensions isn’t your only ability, as you progress through the game, you jump between worlds and gain more abilities, the second ability will change the way your ship moves which will assist you in dealing with new challenges that you will face on advanced levels.


It’s hard and it can be harder, by starting the game you’ll find out that the easiest difficulty is “normal” and it can be set as hard or even harder which will affect the number of lives and shields your ship has, playing at normal difficulty will regenerate your ship’s shield over time which is a huge advantage if you want to play the game more casually.

Oh and by the way, crashing into game walls or static objects destroys you on the spot, no matter how much shields you have gained.

Graphics & Sound

The game is a 2D Action Shooter but models are in 3D, I did feel like the environment could have been more invested, maybe making it more active and animated, the enemy ships on the other hand look great and I didn’t feel like they get repeated as much as you usually see in other games on this genre, the game also has great music and sound effects.

Conclusion: So DEAL or No DEAL?

If you miss the days of Top Down  2D Space Shooters this game is defiantly for you, it’s a lot of fun, plays great and will provide hours of nostalgic space combat action.

Need more? Watch our CO-OP Game-play here:


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