Hello Darksiders III

Wrote by Amir Rachom – GamerTune 24\07\2018

After 6 years of waiting, THQ Nordic is releasing a new game on the Darksiders franchise, I have been waiting so long for this next game on the series and when THQ bankrupt I was devastated because I loved their games.

Darksiders III is the new episode of the series and the main character is “Fury”,
which is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
This game will be an open world like the previous ones, the fighting system will be more personal and the enemy is going to be stronger than ever.
Like in the previous Darksiders games you will be able to ride a horse, and change your weapons, also chose your skills and your fighting methods.

The Plot

As we approach to one of the last Nephilim and to the end of (the world) franchise, Fury is sent by “The Charred Council” on a mission to destroy “The Seven Deadly Sins”.
As we all seen on the gameplay she will encounter stronger enemies than before and will meet the previous character from “Darksiders I” and “Darksiders II”.

My Thoughts –
This game will be a win or a loss for this franchise, it looks promising but the graphics are a bit childish and for a war-apocalypse-death game it’s dangerous.
I’m looking forward to playing this game on Gamescom 2018 and to review it from there.

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