Dragon Age – Evil Always Return

Wrote by Amir Rachom – Gamertune 11\07\2018

Dragon Age: Origins which was released by Electronic Arts was the first RPG game that I have finished, after that, I fell in love with the franchise that I just couldn’t wait on 2014 for the inquisition.
If you love dragons, RPG, open world and Knights, this game is for you!

In the first game we encounter the darkspawn which is the evil force that corrupting the land, we start by meeting Duncan and we join the army to fight evil and on the way make new friends and foes, on a long journey to the end of the world far from home and everything we know.
We meet and speak and creating new relationships that will help us overpower the darkspawn and banish it from the land.

This game has amazing graphics, the area around the player always alive and it makes the game feel alive and realistic, the magic and skill effects look so smooth and compatible with the combat system.
every game there is a serious improvement on the graphics engine and you can feel it if you played every single one of them.

My Thoughts –
This game is pretty much everything I’m looking for, huge elemental dragons, evil, great story and smooth graphics, this game is a masterpiece.
I have played every game on the franchise and I can say honestly it was one of the best games I ever played in my life.

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