Six Sides of the World – Review

If there’s one area where I feel gaming espcially consoles and PC is puzzle games and when I say that I mean good puzzle games. Luckily the switch is starting to get a wave of fresh and interesting titles such as “Me & myself” which completely fascinated me with it’s simple and elegant mechanics and “Six Sides of the World” is no different.

How does it play?

“Six Sides of the World” is made of a series of cube-like fields where the player needs to navigate between different obstacles and collect an orb which turns on the gate to the next level. It starts really nice and easy but quickly becomes harder and harder as the game adds in more enemies and obstacles for the player to overcome. There is a total of 50 levels divided into 8 worlds or “solar systems” and each one extremely different and difficult than the previous one. The game itself is smooth with no lags but some players may not like the loading screens between levels though they are very short(about a second) they do start to annoy at some point. The thing that really bugged me was the very short nature of every level combined with the fact that there are only 50 levels which for a skilled player won’t take more than an hour may two and that’s not a good thing for a puzzle games which it’s the main goal is to keep the player intrigued and focused on the level in order to find how to complete it.

Audio and Graphics

The game is simple but filled with colors, lights and area that looks really amazing and every solar system vastly different from the other both in design, obstacles, and challenges. The audio, on the other hand, suffers greatly and doesn’t offer any good tracks which kinda shame but the alien noises and plain tunes will most likely cause most players to play without sound and that’s a big loss on the game’s part.

So what’s the DEAL?

Six Sides of the World is a beautiful game with nice design and cool puzzles that anyone can sink into them whether you’re on the go or at home but the game’s very short playtime and awful sound do harm the experience. I kinda struggled with this one but I do think good puzzle games don’t come very often. If there’s DLC in the future the game will likely be a lot more appealing so Cybernetik Design has a lot of homework to do if they want to make this game a worthy purchase


Six Sides of the World is available on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam

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