A new enemy emerges in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Even during my interview with Ryosuke Hara – the game developer for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, I had a feeling will see a familiar face in the game and now it’s official.

Like we asked Ryosuke Hara, and at the time he answered: “That is information I can’t reveal at this time” , it was revealed not awhile back that the Buu Arc will happen and big-time!!!!!!!

The Teaser Trailer for the Buu story Arc

In the trailer, we see the story of the game from the beginning all the way to the conclusion of the Cell Arc and then going seven years into the future, we see Gohan as The Great Saiyaman as he does he’s fighting pose in order to protect Videl. Right after this, we can see glimpses of scenes from the story arc including Goku’s return, Dabura attacking Goku, Vegeta, Shinthe Supreme Kai, and his bodyguard – Kibito. After that we see Kid Trunks and Goten as Super Saiyan’s, Mujin Vegeta sacrifice himself and at the end of it all – we see Mujin Buu himself charge’s forward and with that, we finally get a release date – January 17th, 2020!!!!!

As I said, this trailer was revealed a month ago, but we do have some new screenshots released by Bandai Namco featuring Adult Gohan, Kid Buu, Vegito and more:

Here are some more details via Bandai Namco:

Community Board

  • When you’ll complete quests with specific characters, or progressing in the storyline, you will earn Soul Emblems (each representing a character from the Dragon Ball series)
  • You can assign these Soul Emblems on your Community Board, and you will be able to combine them with each other, to earn special bonuses and power-ups
  • Combining different characters with each other also unlocks exclusive dialogue between those characters

Training Grounds

  • You can find the Training Grounds across different areas, and challenge’s you to fight against other Z Warriors or enemies you’ve fought in the past – or even fight against yourself
  • By completing the training, you will learn new Super Attacks, or you will be able to power up existing Super Attacks (such as making your regular Kamehameha into Super Kamehameha)
a Game Introduction that covers Story, Battle & Exploration
a Trailer that covers Playable & Supporting characters

Get your scouter’s ready for a scan, because Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is due worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 17th, 2020. will keep you updated as will get closer to the release date.

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