Conqueror’s Blade at Gamescom: Impressions

We had to meet the amazing and incredible people at MY.GAMES during gamescom to talk and see and play the game that they are bringing in which will feed the hunger of a real-time medieval war game that we really needed and a good one at that.

I’m not a huge medieval game fan but this game is very entertaining! It makes me miss this old LOTR games I had for PC like 10 years ago that was only available at the local video game store, Nonetheless 100% worth the download if you like simple concept games! 10/10
This game is very fun and gives you the opportunity to not just play as your own character, but to raise troops to battle along with you. So if you are not confident in your solo skills, you can build troops to make up for where you lack.

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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition – (PS4) Review

In a world of heroes and assassins, our hero/assassin Travis Touchdown finds himself sucked into the world of video games with Badman, a guy who came to kill Travis for revenge of his daughter. Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Grasshopper Manufacture and Marvelous Inc. This game really makes you wanna keep on going with its funky music and hilarious conversations.

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