Final Fantasy VII Remake Impressions

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a reimagining of Final Fantasy VII until a certain point. While the remake takes a lot of elements from the original game you eventually will experience better storytelling, world, and character development that until that point that wasn’t present 23 years ago as deep as it’s now. So polish your Buster Sword, ready your Materia, and dive into one of the most anticipated games of the last decade.

FF7 Remake starts right off with the mission of Avalanche, an eco-terrorist group that wants to make the Shinra corporation cease the activity of using Mako energy. Cloud, an Ex-soldier who worked for Shinra joined the group as a merc in order to secure a safe route for blowing up one of the reactors of Shinra as a message to stop using Mako energy. Mako energy also called the lifestream of the planet which Shinra uses to make electricity reducing the source from the planet which will make the planet die in the future. The story progress

Cloud shows his skills for the first time with Punisher Mode

FF7 Remake changes the traditional RPG turn-based combat for a more modern J-RPG style. Each time you enter the combat you can gain control of every character in your party in order to use their advantage. You have the regular attacks and special move that is unique for each character. For instance, for Cloud you enter the combat stance of Punisher Mode which lets his hits deal more damage, and with good timing, you can counter back the enemy and reduce the damage to yourself.

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