Conqueror’s Blade at Gamescom: Impressions

We had to meet the amazing and incredible people at MY.GAMES during gamescom to talk and see and play the game that they are bringing in which will feed the hunger of a real-time medieval war game that we really needed and a good one at that.

I’m not a huge medieval game fan but this game is very entertaining! It makes me miss this old LOTR games I had for PC like 10 years ago that was only available at the local video game store, Nonetheless 100% worth the download if you like simple concept games! 10/10
This game is very fun and gives you the opportunity to not just play as your own character, but to raise troops to battle along with you. So if you are not confident in your solo skills, you can build troops to make up for where you lack.

As you gain levels and character exp, you unlock new abilities for each weapon.
After level 60 i think you stop gaining stat points (there are easy to find in game items to reset your stats).
As you gain experience using your units they gain veteran bonuses, lower tier units have less of these.

Higher tier units require kits to keep them healthy (think of this as equipment, if your swordsmen don’t have swords they don’t fight well.)
Also the higher the tier the harder it is to farm resources for that units kit, making them expensive to use and lose.

The combat is getting smoother but could always use some polishing.
Unit pathing is pretty good right now.

There are several battle modes as well as open world combat.
Training battles – Players and AI fillers fight a team of AI generals over control points
Field Battles – Players versus Players
Siege Battles – Large team settlement battles of PVP
Deathmatches – PvP on arena style maps with no units
Expeditions – A Player team of 5 fight an AI enemy across a map with specific objectives
Free Battles – siege, field battles where people stomp you with their strongest units because there is no Kit loss for these.

Yes the matchmaking system will sometimes throw you under the bus in a siege or field battle and everyone in the match is much higher level than you but that is being improved and more players will help even things out.There is plenty of non pvp content to keep everyone happy in my opinion. There is plenty of non pvp content to keep everyone happy in my opinion.

Lastly there are houses(guilds), and alliances(groups of guilds) that you can join and find people to do the big Territory War twice a week with. This Territory War (or TW) is a set period of time where alliances can fight over any none AI controlled territory, for any number of resource spots, unit kits, and in game currency(all of the starting zones are protected from switching owners).

By the end of how you see, this is game is free and I’m sure I’ll spend some coin on making my character look cool. All in all a game worth playing in my opinion.

It’s complex, it’s a mix between For Honor, Mount and Blade, Forge, Dynasty Warrior and Black Desert.
No pay to win, only skill to win.
I recommend it wholeheartedly

The guys at MY.GAMES are really doing an amazing and excellent job of really putting the best efforts and attention to detail and adding to the game and the overall player base so that any kind of player either they a newcomer or a hardcore or just casual, will get a taste and the gratification for playing the amount that they willing to give and having a blast.

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