GearStorm Review – Conquer the stars

Being a huge space games fan and a minecraft addict, I was really excited to hear about a new game called Gearstorm being released on Steam’s early access and I had the chance of playing it during this weekend, so how was it? The short answer is: Even though it’s still in early access stage – I had a hell of a good time playing it.

Deploy, Harvest, Destroy and Build

Gearstorm looks great however NPC’s are very stationary at the time of this review.

Gearstom already has a lot of content even though it’s not a final game yet, I was shocked when I saw the amount of skins and weapons already in the game and even more so when I started to encounter the different enemies on the planet, from dinosaurs to good old zombies and huge spiders this game has it all.

Offline campaign vs Online play

Gearstorm has an offline campaign which is where you basically learn about the different mechanics of the game, you start by landing your Space POD in an already small but manned space station on the planet. Your first encounter with an NPC is where you will get into the game’s tutorial that guides you to your first harvesting tool and from there, mining and crafting.

I actually managed to mess up the tutorial by crafting something that I wasn’t supposed to and using the tutorial’s given resources therefor I had to restart the game so I can get through to the next part of the campaign.

Gearstorm also has huge focus on Online and LAN PLAY where you can have huge battles in space with your friends.

Gearstorm already has a ton of content!

When I first did a tour of the spaceship I walked into the vehicle bay / star dock area where I could enter more than 6 types of vehicles all with guns and driving capabilities! taking that firepower to conquer the planet is a an amazing experience by it’s own as the map is huge and traversing between areas with a spaceship will take you seconds.

So should you try Gearstorm?

Even though the game is definitely not ready yet for a final version, I feel like we should keep an eye open on the development of this game, there’s already a lot of content here and it’s definitely enjoyable, so I highly recommend Gearstorm if you are the mining / crafting in space genre.

Get Gearstorm: Visit Gearstorm on steam here
Youtube: Follow Gearstorm on Youtube here

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Gear Storm
4 years ago

Hey, thanks alot for reviewing GearStorm. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We at Iron City Games are hard at work here trying to make improvements. A new update should be coming out shortly!

Also, There’s a small typo in the title. 🙂