Whispering Willows – Review

Wander as Elena Elkhorn through the abandoned Willows Mansion in search for her father. What horrors await for her?

Elena’s Father worked in the town’s famous mansion for a couple of days. One day he went missing. Elena decided to search the area in order to know what happened to him. Equipped with a shamanic necklace that gives her the ability to release her spirit into the realm between life and death, she finds dark secrets about the history of the town, and her legacy.

The game lets you explore the mansion and other areas around it. The puzzles in the game aren’t so hard but are interesting. Elena can solve some of them as in her spirit form: her spirit can enter through holes and unlock the doors by possessing levers, moving objects, etc. Each time you are close to a friendly spirit the necklace will glow in green. The spirits can give you new information about the owner, or things to do in order to progress through the game.

The 2D graphics look crisp and clean. The characters look great, every room looks different and you notice that the developers gave attention to details. The music fits according to the events. When horror segments start the music changes drastically and can give you chills.

The HD Rumble on Switch adds to the experience. Each time you are close to a ghost Elena’s amulet glows and the controller starts to rumbling in full power. When you are close to dark spirit the rumble will go crazy, sending shivering sensation to your spines.

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The spirits you talk to tell you stories about the past. For example, one spirit will ask you to find a love letter. You will find later that she takes a major role in the story. Some of them will help you continue through the story by giving you an item or open a closed path.

Some of the puzzles are easy or sometimes you will get lost for a couple of minutes before figuring out what to do. The game doesn’t have a map also, which can increase your wandering around the place. Still, the game is rather short and you can finish it in about 4-5 hours. Once you finish the story and uncover all the secrets there isn’t much left to do.


In conclusion, if you like adventure games mixed with horror elements and a good story this game might be a Deal for you.

If you don’t like horror games or horror elements in video games this game might not fit for you.

Whispering Willows is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PS Vita, Wii U, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Ouya for 9.99$.



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Tomer Hesed
Tomer Hesed
5 years ago

Sounds intriguing. Also holds a low price tag, might as well pick it up

5 years ago

Nice review. I liked how the ghost stories sound.