NBA 2K19 – Review

Another year, and another NBA2K is upon us, in this review we will decide

is it a slam dunk? or an airball?… Stay with us and find out

A couple of years ago, i read a Review about NBA2k16, it said something along the lines of, “doesn’t matter if you like NBA, or not, you need to buy this game”‘ so i did, i didn’t even have a PS4 at the time, but i bought the game…

so when I booted it up for the first time, my jaw dropped to the floor, I was hooked, I wasn’t ready for this kind of graphics, it looked as real as it gets (mind you, it’s the first game I played on my new PS4) and I bought 2K every year since.. and every year it just got better and better, and this year is no different

but as i said, last NBA game i played was NBA JAM, so i had no idea how to play, but the game was VERY forgiving, and took me by the hand and taught me the ropes as we went along, so i jumped into MyCareer, Which is the story mode for NBA, and i gotta hand it to 2k, it was REALLY good, it’s the thing that keeps me coming back each year, in fact that’s the only mode i play (and pretty much what I’m reviewing here today)

As you start your MyCareer, you create your player (Either a preset face, or using the App, you scan your face into the game (that’s me in the picture 😛 ) and without going into spoilers (Yes, spoilers in an NBA game)you start at the VERY bottom and make your way up the ranks of the league..

Now, one of the first things I noticed, is that 2K removed the “Rookie” difficulty, which at first? made me a bit scared, but just like the other games, is not as bad as it seems, in fact, I have to say I learned more how to guard better, how to pass the ball (Crazy, I know) and how to be an all around better player, and now i’m getting better results every game i play, i went from 2 PPG (points per game) to an average 20, just by understanding what the game wanted me to do, which is not be a ball hog…

and the presentation? as close as it gets to the real thing, the graphics now sport a 4k resolution and HDR, which brings the graphics to a whole new level of realism, the commentary might just be the best in the sports gaming genre hands down, with small talks between the commentators, and the staff on the lines, comments on everything you do in your career, which lends to the fun in playing it, just waiting to see what the commentary team will talk about, and it never feels repetitive, or boring, right on spot, with guest commentator to spice up so it never gets stale, really great value to any game, (those who will try the game from start… there’s a little surprise for you when you begin you career)  oh, and there are…. guest actors in the game, which blew me away..and they looks so good it’s almost like playing in a movie about yourself!, and your career…

as for the gameplay? as in years before, 2k is king of basketball, hands down the best basketball simulator out there, period.

and that’s not to say it’s easy, because it’s not, not even close, it’s hard, but fair if you can stick with it, it’s gonna reward you with progress every game you play, even if you didn’t do too well… just do your best and you’ll be fine, and as you level up your player more and more options open up to you (endorsments, negotiations and more) it’s a real deep and rewarding experience! and it can last you, well…

for as long as you’re willing to play it, and trust me, you will play ALOT!..

an addition to the game this year is called the “Takeover” meter, which allows you to, well takeover the game, as long as you play well, and score baskets, and setup your teammates, your meter will fill up, and when you fill the meter up and activate it, you get an instant stat boost, you play better (Not Insane better, but as close as it gets), more shots will fall in, and in general raise the level of your game, (Just don’t start chucking up shots from half court, that’s still a no go 🙂 ) it’s not a game changer, but it makes the game more fun to play

for the soundtrack, it’s a rap and rock kinda mixture, a hit and miss for me, but i’m sure it will fare better with most people who will buy the game, the sound for the game is, well once again, top notch, as real as it gets, the crowds are LOUD, and engulf the room as you play, it’s like watching a real basketball game, doesn’t get any better, hands down…


To sum it up, if you’re looking for the best basketball sim on the market, look no further, nba2k19 is once again, king of the court.

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