The Inner Friend – Review

The Inner Friend by Playmind is a game that shows and reflects one of the strongest human feelings, the FEAR.The horrific environment lead by quiet thrilling music and sound effects, makes you dive in to eerie world which controlled by fear.
The Shadow dives deep into subconscious to a dark world, a world full of scary foes, childhood nightmares and fears. He must collect all the artifacts to restore the peaceful heaven.

Make sure that before you start playing this game, you at least light up your room, because when you’ll start to play, you definitely will want to make sure there is nobody else in the room except you. Moving in the dark corridors may not be enough to scare you, but facing the terrifying foes may, especially when the stressing you out. And if this is not enough, there will be some surprises that will make you shit in your pants, trust me on that.

Usually I’m not afraid or get scared from games, but this one absolutely made me Tremble and shake. The music, the noises and the effects gets you to feel the fear inside, and makes you think twice before making a move. I even had to stop playing just so I could get relax from it! As you get deeper, the story gets harder to handle, more difficult to finish and of course more scary! Just try not to jump from your chair when someone calls you.

So you think your able to complete the game without been scared off? Well You can try it yourself, just make sure you don’t have any nightmares after.

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