Is PlayStation 4 the winner of this generation of consoles?

Its been over 5 years since the new consoles came out and with it, a new console war begins, but was it decided before the consoles themselves came out? it seems like it most of the serious backlash that Xbox had with their reveal before E3 May 2013 to compete with PS4 reveal and so what Microsoft did and showed at the reveal was what seemed to doom their console and let PlayStation win.

starting with Initial news from Wired stated that those with second-hand or used games would be required to pay a small fee before being able to play.  and users can’t loan games to friends. game rentals won’t be possible. there is also the statement from Xbox back then that showed their true intentions for the console

“We’re designing Xbox One to be your all-in-one entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and always ready,”

but actually, unlike them, PlayStation focuses only on gaming and the main purpose of playing with friends and even sharing games with each other. even with the backlash and rage of the Xbox community which helped reverse some of the initial decisions for how the console work is changed still it affected it for the long run.

with PlayStation celebrating with the new PS4, you can see they have come a long way from the PS3 era which Xbox won and now the wheels have turned with continues supply of great games and original from AAA studios and developers and many exclusive like the coming spider-man game we can’t wait for what comes next for the console and the gaming genre.

finally, after some debating and looking back where it started we need to ask the next questions about the next generation after the PS4 and what will come of it and what are we expecting to have and will it be victorious?

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