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First of all this category of posts calls “On The Radar” are games that should be given a look or a try because of my or their information and experience and may as well help people find new kinds of interesting games and stories that can be felt.

The game,  which is the main purpose of creating the article is called “Slay The Spire”. Slay the Spire is a roguelike video game with deck-building card game mechanics. The game is being developed by MegaCrit. the game itself is must be said an Early Access Stage. Its current stage is build and gameplay and its look like a work in progress. The game came out on November 2017, by the end of January Slay the Spire was the second highest-sold game on Steam with 500,000 players. The game since then gain popularity and had massive improvement upon itself.

Slay The Spire mechanics consist of choosing a character to go on the path or “Climb The Spire”, this is how the player gets its unique cards which is how the game plays.
Each time you chose a path you either have to battle a monster which will grant you a treasure chest with artifacts or an elite monster which is tough to beat but with better rewards. you can also choose to go to the resting camp, where you can either heal and restore some stamina or chose to upgrade a card which may benefit you better.
Finally, a question mark encounter which is a random of some choices and may be a risk or a reward kind of encounter. You gain cards from the most monsters you beat and your deck will grow and improve at the time, also the more power you gain from cards and card upgrades.  There is of course artifacts and cards which give you negative effects and reduce your power or adds a card with either damaging effects to you which goes by the name “curses” or it just takes a space in your deck. If you manage to get to the end then there is a boss battle,I hope that you got all of your cards to arrange and choose the right ones because it will be very difficult and if you win that battle then you will go further in to the spire and if you are killed then you start over.

I see a lot of potential in this game and hope that the more support it will gain and the developers will update this game and fix the problems, also add more so the player base will grow stronger.
my conclusion this game looks very polished and very addictive for its current state and it can be said that the current price of playing is really good. this game has a good opportunity and could be succeeded and be a very good application for mobile gaming.


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