Dying Light The 2nd Round

Wrote by Amir Rachom – GamerTune on 16\06\2018

With a new Dying Light game on the line, which was announced on 2018 E3, we all wonder what could they possibly change on the new game that was missing from the previous one.

This new gameplay trailer also shows us a new environment which is a city and not the slums of Harran, this city is new to us, a decaying city which controlled by several factions, one of them is “The Peace Keepers”.
Techland notices that the parkour movement had a massive improvement since the last game, which is good because we know that we had a lot of trouble running from the undead and falling sometimes to a horde of zombies.
This new trailer also shows us a new game mechanics, the choices you make are more important, we can choose from several options what to answer and it will influence the future of the game.

Techland didn’t give us a release date but, they gave us the year which is 2019 and its right around the corner.
I believe that the game will be co-op also like the previous one.
The graphics look great and I really eager to see this new game coming to almost all the platforms and make us, the gamers, happy.

Dying Light: The Second Run

I have found myself playing dying light and having an old-new experience with my friends and trying the DLC expansion “The Following”.
We all want to be the ultimate survivor, this game is not easy and if you won’t be cold-blooded and focused you will be torn apart by those monsters.
I suggest to anyone, previous dying light players and the new ones to play the game and control your parkour skills perfectly to have a much better experience.


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