Don’t skip Devolver’s E3 show this year!

We usually get the casual forms of E3 showcases with trailers, and some honorable mentions of the developer’s hard work on the upcoming video games from each company, but the Devolver E3 showcase was different, in a good way.

First of all, top-notch humor laughing about the entire Royal genre and also tons of funny references to how the video game business works, I have never laughed so hard during an E3 conference.

Now let’s talk about the games with My Friend Pedro being the highlight, this game reminds me of the good old shoot’em up platforming games that conquered the video game industry 20 years ago, but with updated graphics and insane action, defiantly went straight to my wish list.

Another highlight was that these guys are actually selling a virtual currency physical coin that has a dynamic pricing based on the time you opened the page (laughing at the actual virtual currency dynamic values).

Watch the full show (20 minutes)  here


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