Destroy All Humans at Gamescom 2019

So we went and tried the new game that THQ NORDIC is developing a remake of the 2005 alien invasion game. The original game was a sci-fi action game set in 1959 and developed by Pandemic Studios. Players took control of an alien called Cryptosporidium 137 — or Crypto— as he attempts to take over Earth in order to harvest human DNA and clone more of his alien race.

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A Blast From The Past – 3D Realms in Gamescom

When I heard of the two new games from 3D Realms – “Ion Fury” & “Wrath”, I got excited. A chance to play two games that were built with the same engine as “Duke Nukem 3D”, its a dream coming true.

As a fan of the “Duke Nukem” series, I knew I had to go meet the team behind those two games, and what fun we had there…

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