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Got my card recently? it was a pleasure meeting you in gamescom!

I’m Tzvee from GamerDeal, to get here you have probably met me or one of my team members! The GamerDeal project is all about our passion in covering video games and technology innovation, we also love gamers, that is why we operate some of the most active gamer communities in Israel, this page contains links to most of our resources.

1. Gamer News & Reviews

Good news! you are already here, this is and here we write about our favorite games and experiences, everything we write here is in English and is aimed for reaching International or mainly UK / US Audience.

See our recent articles here.

2. Our huge Gamer Communities

Introduce your games to the Israeli Gamers, organically.

At GamerDeal we love games but we also love people! Therefor, we operate and manage some of the largest and most active Israeli Gamer Communities on social media. This is where we would love to talk about, showcase or live-stream your games, here’s our full community list:

  • PS4Israel – with over 23,000 members, PS4Israel is Israel’s largest PlayStation Community.
  • PlaystationNation – Israel’s adult (Mature) Playstation
  • Nintendo Israel – Israel’s largest and most active Nintendo community
  • XBOX One Israel – One of Israel’s biggest XBOX communities.
  • CopterDeal – Our Technology and Innovation community for hardware and anything technology related.

3. Into Tech? Meet CopterDeal & RotorDeal

With over 5 Million views on youtube, we are proud to have made over 500 videos about Technological and innovative products.

  • RotorDeal on YouTube – From gaming hardware to innovative gadgets, laptops and mobile phones, RotorDeal is where our professional product reviews are uploaded, all product reviews here are presented in English for international audience.
  • CopterDeal on Youtube – Our starting point with technology reviews, one of Israel’s biggest Tech channels on Youtube with more than 800 product reviews, if your technology is innovative and can be sold / shipped to Israel, we would love to showcase it on our channel.

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